Wrinkle Remove Expert

Wrinkle Remove Expert


Discover the new Wrinkle Remove Expert from LCN for smooth and tight skin. Tightens the skin on the back of your hands, neck, shoulder and the back of your upper arms. The ergonomically shaped massage head ensures a deep penetration of active ingredients into the skin by means of ultrasound and galvanic. The attachment which was especially designed for these areas offers 3 levels with different oscillation frequencies as well as light therapy. An ideal addition to classical manicures and wellness treatments.

3 Levels – Triple Effect

Level 1 Blue Light: Oscillation frequency 6200/min

Level 2 Green Light: Oscillation frequency 9500/min > Magnetic heat therapy 45 ℃ +- 5

Level 3 Red Light: Oscillation frequency 12500/min > Magnetic heat therapy 45 ℃ +- 5


Apply a serum on to the skin (back of hands, neck, shoulder or back of upper arms). Select one of the 3 light levels appropriate for your client. Make sure that you keep contact with the skin right through the duration of the treatment. Move the unit up and down by exerting light pressure. In case that the vibrations stop, increase the moisture level on the skin.