WILDE-PEDIQUE silver plus, Opak 10 ml

WILDE-PEDIQUE silver plus, Opak 10 ml


Known as the beauty industry's only anti-mycotic, light curing one component pedicure resin. Pedique is a means to restore all damaged toenails.

Containing Piroctone Olimine, an effective and time released anti-mycotic substance, Pedique is proven to continue working even after the product is cured. Extremely flexible, Pedique adjusted to the movements of the nails and feet leaving you feeling naturally comfortable. Pedique will match any nail type and provide full or partial coverage for even the most unsightly nails.

Sculpting Properties: Good flow rate

Effect: Extremely good bonding; highly elastic nail sculpting

Characteristics: AM-Factor and microcristalline silver; available in different colors; acid free

Available in the following:

21115-1 Clear 10ml

21115-2 Pink 10ml

21115-3 Opak 10ml

21115-4 Pastel 10ml

21115-6 Cool Pink