Sugaring Starter Set

Sugaring Starter Set


"Sugaring Starter Set" The Sugaring Starter Set is the perfect foundation for natural hair removal. The LCN Sugar Pastes are made from 100% organic ingredients. When sugaring the paste is applied against the direction of hair growth and gently solved with a hand technique in the direction of growth. The LCN Sugaring Starter Set contains all the necessary utensils you need for a treatment. The set has a heater where you can easily heat the different sugar pastes. All pre- and post-treatment products are included in the set. Necessary accessories such as nitrile gloves, spatula and wax equipment cleaner are also included.


Productdetails "Sugaring Starter Set"


• Sugar Paste Standard, 850 g
• Sugar Paste Soft, 850 g
• Pre Wax Lotion „Aloe Vera“, 250 ml
• After Wax Lotion „Argan Oil“, 250 ml
• Anti Hair Growth Emulsion, 250 ml
• Nitril Handschuhe (S) rosa, 100 Stk.
• Spatulas for Depilation „big“, 100 Stk.
• Spatulas for Depilation „small“, 100 Stk.
• Heater Waxing & Sugaring
• Wax Equipment Cleaner, 500 ml
• LCN Shopper Waxing & Sugaring