One Component Resin clear, 20 ml

One Component Resin clear, 20 ml


A self-leveling, two-step gel resin containing both building and sealing properties. An excellent choice for full sets and fills, for medium sculpting and normal to longer extensions. Recommended for a soft and flexible to medium, average nail plate. Compatible with all LCN UV gel resins.

APPLICATION: Apply an LCN bonding agent (Bonder Intense, Bio Bond or Base Bond) to the natural nail plate in a very thin layer, working into the nail plate, cure. Apply OCR building gel to center of nail plate, keeping perimeter thin, build c-curve and arch. Cure. Apply sealing coat with OCR, after filing and buffing nail into shape. Cure. Clean final dispersion film with Super Shine Finish Cleaner. *An additional Sealant can be applied for a higher shine, glossy effect.

EFFECT: Self-leveling, building and sealing properties, very elastic.

CHARACTERISTICS: Good flow rate, firm consistency.