Mixed Tray 11-13, C-Curl, 0,1 mm

Mixed Tray 11-13, C-Curl, 0,1 mm


The dream of seductive eyelashes comes true with Captivating Lashes by LCN.

The result with LCN's Captivating Lashes is breathtaking even for ladies with very few or thin eyelashes. An eyelash extension is independent of age and offers the best results for all types of women.

The eyelash extension method of LCN is executed with highest professionalism, quality and durability. The Silk Lashes convince by a pleasant wearing comfort and make for a movie-eyelash eyelash extension.

Discover our new buckles, strengths and lengths.


  1. J-Curl: naturally curly eyelash extension - suitable for straight eyelashes
  2. B-Curl: more curved eyelash extension - suitable for almost all eyelashes
  3. C-Curl: extremely curved eyelash extension - most common bend, for a dramatic look
  4. D-Curl: very strong curved eyelash extension - for extreme WOW effect & for slip eyelids