Magic Colour Gel, Blue magic, 5 ml

Magic Colour Gel, Blue magic, 5 ml


Sales points

Trend setting product Long-lasting colour result Long-term customer retention Variety for studio customers who return regularly POS Material - Advertising material available - Image material available for product

Colour gels that put colour reflexes onto the finger nails as if by magic.

Product recommendation/Use

  • Sculpted finger nails
  • For customers who are looking for unusual effects on their nail sculptures

Product description

Use Magic Colour Gels to provide your nails with magical colour reflexes. The resins transform the effects according to the angle of light and perspective as if moved by a magic wand. Magic Colour Gels are available in the colours rosé magic and blue magic.


  1. Apply Magic Colour Gels in two thin coats as French or full cover on the matted sculpted nail and harden the layers for two minutes each in the tube device or for sixty seconds in the skyPRO.
  2. For an optimal mirror effect, seal the Magic Colour Gels with LCN Ultra Shine, the light-curing sealing gel with colour protection. Cure this layer, too.