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LCN ULTIMA ACRYLICS Colour Powder, Electric Blue, 3g


The LCN Ultima Powder comes in beautiful colours and can be used for coloured inlays, 3D nail art and coloured designs. LCN Ultima Powder is perfectly formulated for the use with LCN Ultima Acrylics Liquid. Available in both 3g and 15g containers.

3g containers.  

fuchsia, red marple, electric blue, aquamarine, multi-colour shimmer, copper shimmer, green shimmer, silver shimmer, pure green, gold shimmer, pure blue, pure yellow, pure brown, pure orange

15g containers. 
Colors: pure green, pure blue, pure yellow, pure brown, pure violet, pure orange, Multi-color shimmer, red marple, electric blue, aquamarine, copper shimmer, green shimmer, silver shimmer, gold shimmer, pink shimmer