Fibrique Express Repair, 20 ml

Fibrique Express Repair, 20 ml


Fibrique Express Repair contains micro-fine fibers to repair cracked nails, or to add extra strength to stress points on the nail. This one-step repair gel resin is essentially a “bandaid” for the nail, used in replacement of a silk wrap. Due to its thin viscosity and added bonding properties the resin fills cracks perfectly. Recommended for nails that break easily, or for nails requiring repair to a damaged/broken extension. Compatible with all LCN UV gel resins.

APPLICATION: Apply directly onto nail plate where required, onto a cracked or weakened area. Cure. Be sure to apply a thin layer of a building gel over the Fibrique if also applying colour gel, as the colour gel can bleed into the natural nail if applied directly over the Fibrique (through the micro fibers). Always finish with sealant.

EFFECT: Very good flow rate, good bonding properties, extremely firm and non-elastic. Requires sealant.

CHARACTERISTICS: Contains micro-fine fibers and bonding agent.