COSMIQ One Component – Clear, 20ml

COSMIQ One Component – Clear, 20ml

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Our new COSMIQ One Component Resin F with precious moonstone dust – an exclusive refinement of our bestseller.

The moon stone received its name because of its sheen which is reminiscent of a shiny moon. Captured in a highly effective formula, LCN succeeded in incorporating this shine into our resin bestselling One Component Resin F. This unique addition of extremely fine ground moon stone dust optimizes the stability of the resin without affecting its elastic qualities. Besides its purely physical properties, a healing affect is also attributed to the moon stone. Furthermore this extraordinary precious stone increases vitality as well as the female charisma.

COSMIQ One Component Resin F
Classical 1-phase resin perfected with the added moon stone dust. Convince yourself of its uncomparable strength. COSMIQ One Component Resin F convinces with its good all-round properties, increased firmness and greater stability. Your advantages: universal application, good elasticity, compatible with all LCN resins.