Captivating Lashes, 0.2mm, J-Curl

Captivating Lashes, 0.2mm, J-Curl


All Captivating Lashes packages contain lashes in the lenghts from 7mm to 16 mm in the following number of rows:

Length 7 mm (1x), 8 mm (1x), 9 mm (3x), 10 mm (3x), 11 mm (3x), 12

mm (3x), 13 mm (1x), 14 mm (1x), 15 mm (1x), 16 mm (1x)

J-Curl: for a very naturally curved look

B-Curl: for a more pronounced curved look

C-Curl: for an extremely curved look

0,1 mm thickness: natural Volume

0,2 mm thickness: intensified Volume


0,25 mm thickness: extreme Volume