BIO Glass Gel, 10 ml

BIO Glass Gel, 10 ml


Bye Bye Lifting!

We love nails! Our research and development department did everything right with this innovative product! Our aim is not just to guarantee a perfect application and optimal results. Our demands go beyond that. Safety, biocompatibility and sustainable care are the cornerstones of our development efforts. This new BGG is your “Nail Nurse” – take care of your clients nails. BGG has a subtle coloring. It is ideal for your clientele that likes to cover-up discolorations and damages to their nails.

BIO Glass Gel contains exclusively compounds which are accepted by the human body. Bio-Glass creates a natural bond to the natural nail. Bio-Glass is not rejected by the body based on it’s special inorganic composition and therefore liftings are virtually impossible.

Decades of research have shown that bioactive glass offer a high bio-compatibility, especially in the area of cosmetics. The special ingredients complex of Bio-Glass, L-Cystein and Chitosan supports the regeneration of nails and can improve the nails structure considerably.

L-Cysteine is an amino acid and as a protein the most important element of keratin. This ingredient forms an essential part for healthy nail growth.

Chitosan is a biopolymer of naturally occurring polyamino saccarides and has a verifiable antibacterial and fungicidal effect. Therefore it is especially suitable for damaged nails as well as micro injuries to the nail bed and the groove along the nail bed caused by incorrect filing.


Apply BGG onto natural or artificial nail and sculpt it. Cure (2 minutes in UV light or 60 seconds in LED light). BGG comes in a delicate pastel and is suitable for all nail types. After removing the tacky layer it appears matte. Seal it with an LCN sealant of your choice.