Bio Bond, 10 ml

Bio Bond, 10 ml


For dry, brittle, damaged nails and for nails that tend to hairline lift. This revolutionary bonding enhancer revitalizes and rejuvenates the natural nail, providing nourishment to a damaged or dehydrated nail plate.

APPLICATION: Bio Bond can be used in combination with LCN Bonder Intense and LCN building resins containing bonding agent. Apply a thin even coat to the natural nail, cure. Bio Bond can also be applied before sealant after building and filing the nail for additional adhesion to prevent hairline lifting.

EFFECT: Nourishes and restores the natural nail. Protects the natural nail from acid. Provides bonding enhancement before nail sculpting. Assists in prevention of hairline lifting.

CHARACTERISTICS: Contains Urea and L-Cystein (amino acids) as well as organic bonding substances. Acid free. Thin liquid viscosity.