Ananymous Advanced,10 ml

Ananymous Advanced,10 ml



The technology determines our life. In times of social media and constant surveillance, privacy becomes a luxury. Variants of gray and delicate nuances as well as shades symbolize the anonymous presence, which we often long for in times of complete transparency. The bustle of society often distracts from the truth and the essence. Every truth comes from a place of neutrality and inner peace. PURITY calls for a moment of pause, to focus on the reduced. Our credo in winter: less is more and in the peace lies the power!

Key Features:

• Animal friendly

• Easy application similar to nail polish

• Scratch resistant

• Safe and biocompatible

• Highly pigmented

• Long-lasting up to 3 weeks

Trend colors available in retail friendly 8ml nail polish only. Also available in our new Recolution Advanced Gel Polish, 10ml and our award-winning Color Gel, 5ml.